Hitchin Illustrated Fresh Handmade Chocolates – Box of 24


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24 lovingly hand made pralines with a selection of 12 different delicious fresh ganache centres like salted caramel in finest Belgian milk chocolate or creamy strawberry with a touch of balsamic caramel in dark.

Packed in a clear PVC box and a red raffia ribbon or an optional custom designed white gift box with a Le Mare Chocolat satin ribbon with inner platform for more lushiness.

If stored correctly these chocolates will stay perfect for 3 months –

  • keep in closed original packaging
  • ensure chocolates are kept between 12°C and 20°C
  • keep away from bright lights
  • May be kept in fridge but ensure the following:
    – place boxed chocolates into a sealed plastic bag- when taking out of fridge leave plastic bag
    sealed for a minimum of 4 hours before opening
    (condensation will form if the difference
    between the fridge temperature and room
    temperature is greater than 10°C).

Chocolate is at its best at 18°C – enjoy

INGREDIENTS Cocoa solids 53% minimum dark chocolate and 32% milk chocolate, milk solids 33.6% minimum, whole milk powder, sugar, glucose, strawberry concentrate, cinnamon, anise, saffron, honey, cream, alcohol, sorbitol, butter, citric acid, pectin, anti oxidative L, emulsifier soya lecithin, natural vanilla, food colouring (EZO free) – E129 E110 E102 E171 E132 E555 E172
ALLERGIES Nut, milk, soya.
WARNING: Whole nuts risk of choking with small children